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Art, Pizza and Nativity scene artists

Price:  € 190.00

From Friday to Monday

Art, Pizza and Nativity scene artists - a trip to the region of Campania

Journey plan
  1. Friday: Caserta, architecture and culinary delights...
    ...the baroque royal palace (in Italian: "Reggia") of Caserta, once Reisdenz of the Bourbons, is a true masterpiece with 1,200 rooms, 1,750 windows and a 150-acre park with water pools, fountains and cascades, also one of the largest castles in Europe. Another masterpiece of this region, this time in the culinary sense, is the world famous buffalo mozzarella. In the evening you'll go for a dinner with a "Buffallo Menu".
  2. Saturday: Naples - Art, Pizza and Nativity Scene Artists…
    …discover one of the oldest cities in Europe in a guided tour, which takes you from the cathedral and along the famous street of nativity scene artists. Naples without pizza? Never! Taste the REAL Italian pizza in the city, which owes its origin to the pizza.
  3. Sunday: Pompeii, the city destroyed...
    ...Put yourself back 2000 years, in the daily life of a Roman city before it was destroyed by a massive volcanic eruption.
  4. The price of the tour includes (with each tour you'll receive your personal route with GPS data and camping and parking spaces on your tour):

    Entry ticket - Reggia di Caserta
    Typical dinner with "Buffalo Menu," Caserta;
    3-hours city tour, Naples;
    Lunch with the REAL Neapolitan PIZZA, Naples;
    Audio guide and entrance fees - Pompei excavations;