1. Which motor homes are rented at LaikaRent?


    LaikaRent offers you very wide choice: many types of motorhomes and a lot of implantations. LaiKaRent has a vehicle for every need.

  2. What costs do I face in case of cancellation?


    In the event of withdrawal from binding booking, the following cancellation charges become due:

    - up to 30 days prior to the start of the term of lease: 30% of the rental price;

    - between 29 and 15 days prior to the start of the term of lease: 50% of the rental price;

    - less than 15 days prior to the start of the term of lease: 80% of the rental price;

    - on the day of renting or in case of non-acceptance: 100% of the rental price.

    (see general Terms and Conditions)

  3. Are caravans also rented out?


    No, we exclusively rent out motorhomes.

  4. How do I book my Motorhome?


    Via the booking portal www.laikarent.it

  5. What handling time must I take into account when renting a motorhome? 


    Motorhomes must be booked at least 4 days before the term of lease begins. Bookings with a shorter handling time are subject to consultation of the respective station.

  6. Is there a minimum rental period?


    The minimum rental period is 3 days.

  7. What age regulations apply to the renting of a Motorhome?


    The renter must be in possession of a valid identity card / passport and driving licence. The renter´s minimum age is 21 years and license for at least three years.

  8. What driving licence regulations apply to the renting of Motorhome? 


    The renter must be in possesion of a category III or category B driving licence. Please note that some  vehicles have an overall weight of more than 3.5 tons. This requires possession of a category III or category C/C1 driving licence since at least 3 years.

  9. When can I receive my Motorhome? 


    Handover of a Motorhome is possible only during the station´s opening hours. The exact times will be indicated to you in your offer.

  10. What must I take into consideration when accepting the Motorhome?


    As regards acceptance of the Motorhome, please take into consideration that formalities and instructions will require approx. 1 h. Please request an exact time of handover from your station so as to avoid overburdening of the station´s capacity and longer waiting times. Do not plan large driving distances for this particular day. Take your time when accepting the Motorhome. Convince yourself together with our dealers that your vehicle is fully equipped and that existing traces of use are recorded in the handover certificate.

  11. Will a deposit become due upon handover of the travel van to you?


    Yes, in principle, the takeover of the mobile home is to make a deposit of 1,500.00 €. The deposit by credit card (ONLY VISA or MASTERCARD) and the renter must be identical.

  12. What services are included in the rental? 


    All vehicles are equipped with a kitchen, a refrigerator, a cooker, sanitary facilities including basin, shower and chemical toilet (cassette), a high-power heating system, a fresh and sewage water tank, safety belts in the living area, servo steering, electrical outlet 230V, a separate 12V battery for the living area. Extras such as tableware, kitchen equipment, child safety seats and snow chains are available on request and for a fee.
    Additionally, the following is already included in the rental:

    - All kilometres;

    - Liability insurance;

    - Fiat Mobility Guarantee.

    In the rental are not included:

    - Test drive of the vehicle;

    - Quote of service equal to € 125.00 for vehicle preparation, sanitation, gas;

    - Gas oil;

    - Fine;

    - Extra.



  13. Cleaning


    All the vehicles are handed over to you in a clean and tidy condition on the inside as well as on the outside, and shall also be returned by you in a clean and tidy state. External cleaning is included in the price. If, following return of the vehicle, inside cleaning, emptying of the sewage water tank and / or emptying of the toilet cassette have to be carried out by the lessor in part or in full, the lessor shall charge a cleaning fee. Please note that possibly incurred costs are to be paid directly on site.

  14. How am I to behave in case of an accident or in the event of damage?


    Upon handover of the vehicle to you, you will receive a damage report form which you are obliged to complete in any event of accident. In case of fire, theft, damage caused by game animals or other damage, police and the renting station must be notified. The renting station must also be notified of any details concerning the circumstances of the accident. Claims for damages of other parties involved in the accident must not be acknowledged.

  15. What to do in case of a fine?


    Fines can normally be paid locally as indicated in the minutes.

    If this is not possible, the rental will be responsible to pay the fine and charge you the cost.

  16. How and where will I get fresh water on the way?


    In the meantime, you get fresh water for filling purposes at many petrol stations and camping grounds as well as at thousands of supply and disposal stations. In most cases, only a small fee will be charged for filling up fresh water.

  17. How and where will I get gas on the way?


    At many petrol stations and most camping grounds, you will have the opportunity to refill the gas bottles.

    Please note that different connections and different gas bottles are in place abroad and that you need an adapter.. You can inform yourself of any required adapter at your renting station.

  18. What regulations apply to if I wish to take along domestic animals?


    Taking along domestic animals is possible. When you return to the station, the vehicle must have the same degree of cleanness as in case of return without a domestic animal. If domestic animals are taken along, higher cleaning costs may be incurred more quickly. The renter is responsible for safe transport of the domestic animals according to regulations as well as for compliance with possible entry restrictions and vaccinations.

  19. What motorisations are offered?


    Our vehicles are equipped with powerful turbo diesel engine of the newest generation.

  20. What regulations apply to additional drivers?


    Any additional driver can be registered free of charge at the station upon handover of the vehicle. The renter assumes liability for the additional driver.

  21. Overlapping of seasons?


    Laikarent prices are charged in line with the respective season on a precise daily basis.