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The Five Senses

Price:  € 369.00

From Friday to Monday

The Five Senses - a sensorial journey through the places and emotions of Tuscany.

Journey plan
  1. Friday: the world's most famous leaning tower, discover with your Tour guide why it is leaning so much…
    …The Tower leans 40 Cm. The building of this unique bell tower began in 1173 and today, after years of shut-down due to the dangerous inclination, it is opened again to the public. A guided tour will help you discover the secrets of this peculiar world famous monument.
  2. Saturday: Lucca and it's villas, a plunge into another time through a guided tour of Villas and parks… ville
    ...five grand style villas make your re-live the “belle epoque” of the Tuscan countryside. The most beautiful villas from Vicopelago, Segromigno, to Monte Camigliano, accompanied by a guide.
  3. Sunday: Earth, wind and water - from the Vento Grottoes to the Thermal Baths of Lucca…
    ...dive into the underworld of the Vento Grottoes in the Apuan Alps Natural Park and discover the secrets on a guided tour of the cave. Afterwards you can relax in the Thermal Baths of Lucca.
  4. Monday: Florence, between art, history and tradition...
    ...a guided tour through the city of art and culture with Michelangelo, Dante and Giotti. Starting from the Uffizi to the Palazzo Vecchio, towards Piazza della Signoria on the Piazza della Repubblica to the cathedral and back to the Ponte Vecchio. Soak up one day to Florence and immerse yourself in the life of the Medici and the Florentine today.
  5. Tuesday: Greve in Chianti, the sleepy wine town…
    ...opens his treasure - the wine museum - to discover the secret of an excellent wine that you can enjoy during a wine tasting. In the evening, in Panzano, “her majesty” the bistecca (T-bone steak) will treat you to an unforgettable culinary experience.
  6. Wednesday: Romantic idyll in the Castello di Verrazzano...
    ...visit during a tour the heart of the Castello di Verrazzano and its ancient wine cellar. At lunchtime, enjoy the regional delicacies.
  7. The price of the tour includes (with each tour you'll receive your personal route with GPS data and camping and parking spaces on your tour):

    Guided tours, tickets - Leaning Tower of Pisa;
    Guided tours, tickets - gardens and villas of the Lucca villas (Villa Bernardini, Villa Mansi, Villa di Camigliano);
    Guided tours, tickets - Grotta del Vento;
    Tickets - Therme Bagni di Lucca;
    Guided tours, tickets - Palazzo Vecchio Florence;
    Guided Tour - Florence;
    Lunch in a typical Florentine restaurant;
    Tickets - Museo del Vino, Greve in Chianti;
    Wine tasting, Greve in Chianti;
    Typical Tuscan dinner, Panzano;
    Guided tours, tickets - Castello di Verrazzano;
    Wine tasting with local specialties - Castello di Verrazzano.