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Nature and Adventure at Lake Garda

Price:  € 219.00

Form Friday to Wednesady

Montirone, Salo, tour on the lake Garda, park and Varone waterfall...

Journey plan
  1. Friday: Tour on the lake Garda…
    ...The tour begins in the historic center of Salò, where a captain with his boat and the beautiful surroundings of Lake Garda expect you. Visit with an experienced tour guide part of the coast and enjoy a unique panorama.
  2. Saturday: Varone, its park, its caves, its waterfalls... a guided tour you will discover the fascinating park and waterfalls of Varone. The tour starts in the botanical garden in Japanese style. From there you'll explore the two caves with the crystal clear waterfalls. Then you will visit the town of Riva del Garda, where you can enjoy one of the specialties of Lake Garda - ITALIAN ICECREAM IN HIS traditional PREPARATION!
  3. Sunday: Lazise…
    ...dedicate this day to the little town of Lazise with a long tradition.
  4. Monday: Movieland…
    ...for all movie fans! Experience exciting shows, famous film sets and live action scenes. For lunchtime, one of the themed restaurants in the park will expect you.
  5. Tuesday and Wednesday: Gardaland…
    …the most famous theme park in Italy in the picturesque scenery of Lake Garda. An exciting day between adventure and relax awaits you with attractions like the Sequoia Adventures, Fantasy Kingdom, Escape from Atlantis, Corsairs, Canyons, and more. Take a break at lunchtime in the restaurant Locanda del Corsaro Nero on one day and the other day in the Pizzeria Saloon, choosing one of the over 20 types of pizza.
  6. Thursday: Sea Life Aquarium and Sirmione…
    …in an exciting journey through the marine world in 37 different aquariums with different themes and an underwater tunnel to get acquainted with sharks, sea horses, rays and starfish. After the fascinating underwater world, we recommend you to spend the rest of the day at Sirmione.
  7. The price of the tour includes (with each tour you'll receive your personal route with GPS data and camping and parking spaces on your tour):

    Excursion by boat with captain on the lake Garda;
    Guided tours, tickets for parks, caves and waterfall Varone;
    Homemade ice cream in a popular ice cream shop in Riva del Garda;
    Tickets with access to all facilities of the Movieland Park;
    Meal in Movieland Park;
    Tickets for two days, to the amenities of Gardaland;
    Two meals in Gardaland;
    Tickets with access to all facilities of the Sea Life Aquarium.

    Chiald fare (from 3 to 10) : 150 eur