Dear Customer,

Your contract partner is the rental center where you will collect your hired vehicle.  The conditions of hire which follow will become an unabridged part of the contract which will be signed by you (Customer) and the authorised dealer/s for Laika Caravans S.p.a (Lessor), including the independent dealers who rent motorcaravans with the LAIKA trademark.  Please read carefully the following Terms and Conditions of Hire. 




  • Validity, contract and  relevant jurisdiction


  • The Hire Contract will be drawn-up by the dealers (Lessor) authorised to rent Laika motorhomes.  The contract shall be regulated by these Terms and Conditions, by the Hire Contract undersigned by the Customer and the Lessor at the time of collecting the vehicle, by the Laika Pricelist (LINK) and by the Privacy Law (LINK) in force at the time of agreement.  The Customer is obliged to read and accept these terms.  In order to hire a motorhome, the Customer must have a valid credit card.


  • These Terms and Conditions of Hire will be the only effective ones between the parties and shall be accepted by the Customer when booking a rental service.


  • The purpose of the Contract is exclusively for the rental of a Motorhome for the length of time and kilometers indicated within. 


  •  Bookings are subject to the conditions found online in Laika Caravans S.p.a


  •  The Hire Contract shall be drawn-up in writing directly by the Customer and the Lessor at the time of collection and shall be regulated exclusively by the Italian Law.


  • Drivers' Requirements


  • The Customer and every other crew member indicated in the booking voucher who will drive the Motorhome must present any and all identification and qualification requested by the Lessor.


  • Each driver pledges to provide truthful information regarding his age-address-email address and a valid driving license.
    The Customer and every driver must declare:
    2.2.a)  to be 21 years of age
    2.2.b) to be the holder of a driving license (class B) or an equivalent international/foreign permit which must have been issued at least 3 years prior to the Motorhome Hire.


  •  Some of the Laika fleet vehicles weigh over 3.5 tons.  In order to drive one, the driver must be qualified with the proper permit.  Customers with the class B license must check the weight of the hired caravan with the Lessor. In case a Customer does not provide the required document when collecting the vehicle, it will be considered not collected.  In such case, the Annulment in Terms and Conditions of Hire will be applied (see Art 4.2).


  • The Caravan must be driven by the Customer only or by the crew members indicated as drivers at the time the Hire Contract was signed.


  • The Customer must keep a record of names and addresses of all other drivers to whom he will entrust the vehicle, even if only temporarily, and communicate the information to the Lessor if requested.  The Customer must also handle such information in accordance with the Privacy Laws (D.L. 30 June 2003 n.196). The Customer shall be totally liable for the behavior of any driver to whom he entrusts the vehicle.


  • Booking fees, Rental Periods and Charges
    • The Hire contract is valid only for the period booked and excludes any unexpressed postponement.


  • Rental costs are quoted in the price list through www.laikarent.it in force at time of booking the vehicle for the season in which the rental shall take place.  The cost of hire includes only what is explicitly indicated in the booking voucher:  the cost, the duration of the hire and the chosen optionals.  Cost includes VAT and is quoted in Euro.


  • The hiring cost includes – unlimited mileage, insurance coverage for RCA – theft – fire – Kasco. 
    Not included in the hiring cost are:
  1. Service charge of 125.00 Euro
  2. Fuel and all other necessary fluids such as oil, radiator fluid and wiper fluid.
  3. AutoCaravan expenses for the term of hire
  4. Economic sanctions due to traffic fines
  5. Highway tolls and parking expenses.
  6. Tyre repair cost in case of puncture.


  • The term of hire begins at time of collection (pick-up) of the vehicle at the designated location (according to the time and place specified in the booking voucher and contract) and ends at the time and location (drop-off) specified for returning the Motorhome.  The vehicle must be returned to the same location where it was collected.  The rental period shall be calculated by the collect-return times for a total 24hrs.


  • In case of a late return, the cost of the exceeding time, one day for every hour, will be charged to the Customer according to the LaikaRent price list. Any and all other expenses originated by the late return could be claimed by the next hirer will be debited to the Customer.


  • In case of an anticipated return of the vehicle, the Customer will be charged the full amount of the agreed rental period.


  • The Motorhome shall be returned in the same condition in which it was delivered and with a full tank of fuel otherwise it will be charged according to the LaikaRent price list.


  • Booking a rental service and changes


  • Autocaravans can be booked exclusively online through the Laika Caravans S.p.a.  email www.laikarent.it  and shall be regulated by the Terms and Conditions of Hire. When booking, a down payment of 30% of the total hire expense will be charged to the Customers' credit card (VISA/MASTERCARD) indicated in the voucher. The booking will bind the Customer as of the date the booking is confirmed by Laika Caravans S.p.a. through the email address sent by the Customer at the moment of the Hire Service request.  A record of the booking voucher will be attached to the confirmation email in which the services booked will be listed in detail. If a specific model is listed to illustrate and describe the motorhomes for hire, the booking will regard a vehicle within the chosen range and not a specific model.  The information regarding the booked motorhome --- number of bed spaces and seats---will be visible at the time of the availability request and confirmed in the booking voucher.


  • In case of cancellation or changes to the booking allowed by Laika Caravans S.p.a., the Terms and Conditions available online (LINK) www.laikarent.it  will apply.


  • The Customer shall print the booking voucher and the attached record (see art 4.1) to be shown to the Lessor when collecting the vehicle and formalizing the Hire Contract.


  • Payment conditions and deposit


  • Considering the deposit requested (see art 4.1) at time of booking, the Customer shall pay Laika Caravans S.p.a. the balance due (70%) by bank transfer within 30 (thirty) days prior to the date of collection as indicated in the booking record. In case the Customer shouldn't provide payment of the balance due within the 30 day limit, the booking shall be considered not concluded and not binding to Laika Caravans S.p.a.  who will treat the 30% deposit as a penalty payment. In case the online booking should be made less than 30 (thirty) consecutive days prior to the first day of the hire period , the Customer shall pay  the total amount of the hire cost by credit card.


  • When signing the contract, the Customer shall guarantee the Lessor, by means of a valid  VISA/MASTERCARD in his name and with an expiry date effective no less than 6(six) months after the agreement, the payment of any other expenses due to rental penalties, damages caused by the Customer and/or third parties during the hire period , insurance allowance, traffic fines and any other expenses chargeable to the Customer as stated in the Hiring Contract.  With this aim, the Customer pledges to authorise the Lessor, without possibility of countermand,  to debit the amount due.


  • The following forms of payment:  PRE-PAID, PENPAL, BANCOMAT, REVOLVING will not be accepted under any circumstances.  Credit cards are accepted according to the limits/restrictions authorised by banks, credit institutions and credit card card companies.


  • Collection and return of vehicle


  • The Customer, upon signing the Hire Contract, shall verify and declare that the vehicle delivered by the Lessor, its standard equipment on board and all accessories, including those listed in the Hire Contract are in  working condition and in overall good state.  He pledges to return the vehicle at the time and place specified in the Hire Contract in the same condition except for the normal wear considering the mileage and time of hire.


  • The Lessor will provide the Customer with all the necessary information and instructions regarding the use of the vehicle when collecting it.  At that time, together with the Lessor employees, a protocol will be drawn-up (check-out) where the condition of the vehicle will be registered.  This protocol shall be undersigned by both parties.


  • Upon returning the autocaravan, the Customer, counterchecked by the Lessors employees, must carry out a final control of the vehicle.  A check-in protocol shall be drawn-up and undersigned by both parties.  Damages not registered in the check-out protocol but verified during the will be debited to the Customer.


  • Authorised Laika dealers are opened to the public at the times indicated online.  Late returns will be debited (see 3.5).  It is possible to collect and return a vehicle on different days and times than those found online according to the chosen dealer only by prior email of consent from the Lessor.


  • Vehicles shall be delivered to the Customer clean inside and out and must be returned in the same condition.  If cleaning should be necessary, the expense will be debited to the Customer.


  • Proper use of vehicle, care and custody


  • The Customer must use the vehicle, accessories and equipment with due diligence, respecting the characteristics and purposes indicated in the logbook as well as in all respect of the Law.


  • In any case the Customer undertakes
  1. not to use the motorhome for the transportation of persons or things by payment even through third parties.
  2. not to sub-rent or lend the vehicle even if with a driver.
  3. not to allow any person to drive other than the crew members indicated in the Hire Contract or persons without a valid license or whom do not fill the requirements of the Hire Contract.
  4. not to transport  flammable, toxic or otherwise dangerous material or any other thing which, due to its condition  or odour could damage the vehicle or delay the possibility of it being rented again.  In case of extraordinary cleaning, the expense will be charged to the Customer according to the LaikaRent price list in force.
  5. to refill the tank with the appropriate fuel, indicating if requested, the station where the refill took place in order to proceed in case of responsibility.  To diligently control all liquids levels and tyre air pressure. The Customer pledges to regularly check the vehicle for it to be in perfect safety condition to circulate.
  6. To not use the vehicle for races, competitions trials or contests on non paved roads or otherwise on roads not adequate to the vehicle.  Not to tow/push other vehicles without the explicit consent of the Lessor.  Not to circulate in areas forbidden by the traffic/motorway code or other rules and, in general, not for any illegal purposes.
  7. To not drive the vehicle under the influence of drugs, narcotics, alcohol or any other substance which could hinder the capacities of the driver to think and react.
  8. To diligently  tend to the vehicle so as to warrant the safety of the persons on board and the integrity of third parties and things as well as the hired  vehicle itself.  It is suggested not to leave valuables in the vehicle.
  9. To refrain from travelling in countries not specified in art 10 of these Terms and Conditions of Hire without a written authorisation by the Lessor. The Carta Verde or Green Card (international EU insurance coverage) included in the vehicle documents is not an authorisation to do so, it is a supplement of insurance cover within the EU states.  In case of travel in countries where the Customer has pledged not to circulate, the insurance coverage with its limits and exclusions will no longer be enforced.  Consequently, the Customer vows to relieve as of now, the Lessor and Laika Caravans S.p.a. of all and any responsibilities regarding any request of reimbursement for damages, penal or economical sanctions which could derive due to his negligence not respecting the pledge made.


  • All vehicles are smoke-free therefore smoking is not allowed anywhere within the vehicle.  Any expenses deriving from the disobedience of such ban, including the cost of smoke decontamination, aeration and the loss of profit due to delay in re-hiring the Caravan  owed to these circumstances will be debited to the Customer.


  • Transporting pets is allowed only if previously requested at booking time under the “optional” section and if such service is provided by the Lessor.


  • Use of the vehicle in violation of even only one of the laid down clauses by Hire Contract or by Law, bonds the Customer to reimburse any and all damages caused even if jointly with other drivers and entails the disclaim of any limit of  responsibility since he renders the Lessor  liable to recourse.


  • Liability in case of theft, fire and damages


  • The Customer is responsible in case of fire, damages or theft of the Motorhome even if found later.  To determine the value of the vehicle, the magazine EUROTAX will be consulted and the quoted price of sale, at that moment, will be considered.  Should the theft take place within the first six months after the registration of the Motorhome, the price of the vehicle as new shall be considered.  Customers' liability is extended to all repairs, loss of value, lost profit for late drop-off, towing and deposit expenses as well as all  fines regarding  any event or claim for damage caused to the vehicle or by the accident.


  •  In order to safeguard the Lessor from fraud or theft risks, satellite controlled devices could be installed in the Motorhome to detect its' location and speed as well as the driving behaviour.  If necessary, the Lessor can communicate such information to the law enforcement authorities, the insurance companies, law firms and use such data for it's own safeguard. Liability in case of fire or theft, except in cases of malice or severe misdeed of the Customer or driver (even a third party) is limited to the amount stated in the insurance policy provided within the Hire Contract when signed.  When a stolen vehicle is found, the damage shall be determined by applying the daily cost of hire until the vehicle is returned not including the cost of damages. Furthermore, the Customer shall cover all expenses regarding a full tank as when the vehicle was delivered as stated in the pick-up protocol.  In every case of theft (total or partial) or fire, the Customer must immediately   file a report to the Police authorities.  The original copy of the Police report plus the extra set of keys must be delivered to the Lessor within 48hrs to the authorised Laika dealer where the pick-up took place.  The Customer must also collaborate with him in handling the legal procedures and settlement of all damages caused. 


  • Hired Motorhomes are covered by RCA insurance applying the rules and regulations in force. The RCA guarantees the coverage of civil responsibility regarding third parties, their belongings (excluding those transported in the vehicle) and pets.  Persons in the vehicle are considered third parties. In case of a road accident even if the vehicle is not damaged, the Customer must immediately call the Motorway Patrol or the City Police to report the incident, he must record names and addresses of those involved including eyewitnesses if any as well as the license plate numbers and insurance companies.  He must not admit or claim any responsability nor make any declaration.  In the meantime, he shall inform the Lessor (where the pick-up took place) through the phone number given in the Hire Contract documents within 24hrs of the accident or, at the latest, the first workday after it.  Included in the Hire Contract documents is a CAI (friendly accident assessment) which must be filled out and delivered together with a descriptive sketch of the dynamics of the accident.  Furthermore, the Customer must collaborate with the Lessor, if requested, in case of a lawsuit that could follow.


  • If for any reason the Customer doesn't comply with art 8.2-8.3 and if for such reason the insurance company refuses to pay the damages, he shall be personally liable to reimburse the total amount for damages.


  • Customers' liability and Kasco


  • The Customer shall disclaim the Lessor for any civil responsibility in case of damages to the Motorhome according to the Kasco (damages  not caused by third parties) policy provided with the insurance documents except for the allowance indicated in the Hire Contract. Such allowance must be guaranteed by credit card upon undersigning the Contract, that is  the Customer shall authorise the Lessor to debit the sum of allowance to his VISA-MASTERCARD credit card according to art 5.2 if and when damages to the vehicle are ascertained upon drop-off.


  • The Customer is liable for civil responsibility stated in art 9.1 if the damage was caused by his misdeed or malice.

Furthermore, if the damages were caused by the Customer, he will be held

responsible in the following cases:

  • when he has caused damages while driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • when he or any driver to whom he entrusted the Motorhome has caused a hit and run accident.
  • when he causes damages to the vehicle due to a forbidden use  according to art 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 and 7.4.
  • when he entrusts the Motorhome to a non authorised driver.
  • when he causes damages due to nonobservance of the vehicles' dimensions (height-length-width) and weight capacity according to the countries' regulations.
  • when he causes damages to tyres and wheel rims.
  • when he damages the interior of the Motorhome.


  • The customer shall be liable for any and all violations to the traffic code including parking that is for all burdens, rights, fines and violations presented to the Lessor due to the misuse of the vehicle.  Any such expenses shall be debited to his credit card even if fines arrive after 5 months of the Hire term.


  • Travel Abroad


  • The Customer can travel with the Motorhome only in EU countries. If he intends to travel to non EU countries he must previously obtain a written authorisation from the Lessor by contacting   laikarent@laika.it All travels  to war or risk of war areas are forbidden, please refer to art 7.2.


  • Defects-flaws of the hired vehicle


  • Any reimbursements to the Customer due to flaws -defects  of the vehicle for which the Lessor is not responsible are excluded.


  • Any possible flaws-defects of the vehicle or its' equipment verified at the             beginning of the rental term must be reported when rendering the Motorhome. Any right to reimbursement is denied if defects-flaws are reported after drop-off


  • Courtesy vehicle and repairs


  • Any necessary repairs needed to guarantee the on the road security of the Motorhome during the hire period  and not ascribable to lack of ordinary diligence on behalf of the Lessor can be carried out only with the consent of the Lessor, contacting the pick-up dealer and, however, only in a repair shop authorised by Laika Caravans S.p.a.  The expense of such repairs will be settled by the Lessor by presenting all original invoices except when the damage was caused by the Customer.  See art 9 above.


  • In case the Customer decides not to take responsibility of the necessary repairs, he must report the breakdown to the Lessor allowing enough time to carry out the the repairs needed.  In such case, eventual delays due to the repairs will not be chargeable to the Customer.


  •  In case of a breakdown  or failure of the Motorhome to function for over 48hrs or for reasons beyond the Customers' responsibility, the Lessor will provide a Courtesy Motorhome  in a reasonable lapse of time. In such case the Customer cannot expect annulment of the Hire Contract and/or reimbursement for any damages. 


  • In case of breakdown of the Motorhome for over 48hrs due to the Customer's fault or wrong doing, the Lessor can refuse to provide a Courtesy vehicle and excludes the possibility to request reimbursement. Should the Lessor provide a Courtesy Motorhome anyway, the Customer shall pay the pertinent cost of hire including accessories according to the LaikaRent Price List.


  • Liability

    The Lessor is not liable for losses or damages cause by Motorhome breakdown, for late or non delivery of a different range Motorhome than the one booked, spoiling of goods or any other harm-damage except for those caused by his fault or malice.  The lessor is also not liable for any damages caused to transported or lost belongings left in the vehicle at drop-off.  He shall not be considered liable for the non-compliance of his own obligations in case of circumstances beyond his control. Circumstances beyond control are considered events which are unpredictable and unforeseen, extraordinary and independent of one's own will which prevent the compliance of the obligation.


  • GPS localizer

    Motorhomes for hire can be equipped with GPS systems for their localization via satellite.


  • Conclusive Clause

    he violation of even only one of the rules and regulations in arts 2), 5), 6), 7), 8), 9) will legitimate the Lessor to terminate the Contract according to art 1456 of the Italian Civil Code and to claim damages.


  • Relevant jurisdiction

    All controversies which could arise related to the validity, interpretation, execution or annulment of the General Terms and Conditions of Hire and of the Hire Contract shall be regulated by the Italian Law and forwarded to the territorial  jurisdiction of the  point of pick-up.


  • Translation

    The Italian version of the General Terms and Conditions of Hire shall prevail, the French, English and German versions are to be considered mere translations.


  • Interpretation

    If one or more of the clauses drawn-up in this Contract is considered invalid, ineffective or null this shall not entail the ineffectiveness or nullity of the entire contract which will remain valid with the remaining clauses.


  • Address and communications

    The Customer declares that he establishes his mailing address as it appears in the Hire Contract.  All communications regarding the contract will be sent via email to the address indicated in the contract.





Laika Caravans S.p.a. Registered office in Tavarnelle Val di Pesa (FI), Via Leonardo da Vinci 120 VAT registration IT01029840483 offers the booking of a motorhome hire and the sale of Tourist Packages.

The Hire Contract will be drawn-up by the authorised Laika Caravans dealers (Lessor).  The Travel Contract will be undersigned by Società Baiana S.r.l., registered office in Firenze, Borgo degli Albizi (License N° 556 / 04/01/1999) also authorised by Laika Caravans S.p.a.







To use the booking service offered on the Website and, in order to book a motorhome hire or to purchase a Tourist Package you must be registered. Whoever intends to register must guarantee that all personal information is correct, true and up-dated and that any eventual changes will be communicated in order to make any bookings.  You must have all the requested requirements as stated in the Terms and Conditions of Hire even if not purchasing a Tourist Package.





All information regarding the services offered by Laika Caravans S.p.a. contained in these pages  is only informative and does not establish a contract proposal nor an offer of the service described within except where specified. None of the information provided in this Website should be considered as a contract offer or an invitation to purchase except for the pages which describe specific services for which a contract offer is explicitly proposed.

 Laika Caravans S.p.a. shall not be responsible for the booking services available on the Website.  Information regarding costs of hire or the purchase of a Tourist Package are determined by the information supplied by the Customer.  All prices are quoted in Euro and include  VAT.

All bookings regarding motorhome rentals or Tourist Package purchases must be done online:  www.laikarent.it





Laika Caravans S.p.a. shall be bound as a mediator in conformance with these Online Booking Terms and Conditions, the Dealers - the indipendent concessionary firms authorised to rent motorhomes with the Laika trademark – shall be bound as Lessor in conformance  with the above mentioned Terms and Conditions and the Hire Contract which shall be accepted when booking and undersigned by the Customer when collecting the vehicle.  The company Società Baiana S.r.l shall be bound as a Tour Operator in conformance with the General Conditions for the sale of Tourist Packages and the Travel Contract.

The Customer accepts that the Hire Contract between the Lessor and himself shall be drawn-up when collecting the motorhome and undersigned by both parties.   The Customer also accepts and agrees that the purchase of a Tourist Package and the Tourist Package Contract will be drawn-up and undersigned when receiving , online, the booking confirmation.  All Contracts and Tourist Package purchases are subject to the Italian law.





To book a rental service and/or  purchase a Tourist Package, you must be a VISA-MASTERCARD cardholder.  Under no circumstances will any other cards such as PREPAID-PAYPAL-BANCOMAT or REVOLVIVG will be accepted. When booking, the Customer guarantees to the truthfulness of the information given, that he is the holder of the credit card provided and that the card has enough credit.  Credit cards are accepted within the limits authorised by the credit card companies.

Laika Caravans S.p.a. reserves the right to control the validity of the card provided by the Customer, furthermore, Laika Caravans S.p.a. disclaims any eventual fraudulent use of the Customer's credit card  or its' consequences which are beyond Laika Caravans' control.

In case of any variations to the credit card information, the Customer must opportunely notify Laika caravans S:p.a. by contacting Customer Assistance at laikarent@laika.it





Laika Caravans S.p.a. can  refuse a booking request in case the Customer does not furnish all information required and necessary to access the services offered or if he does not meet the foreseen qualifications.  Furthermore, Laika can refuse a booking request in case of malfunction of electronic services, of the operational software or for errors or inaccuracies contained in the Website which are beyond Laika Caravans' control, for example, in case a motorhome or Tourist Package not being available for the period requested.

For any remarks concerning the  Website performance, in particular the functionality of the online booking form, the Customer should contact Client Assistance at laikarent@laika.it









The official Laika Caravans S.p.a. website which offers motorhomes for hire  www.laikarent.it  contains the Terms and Conditions for online  Hire Booking Service, the Terms and Conditions of Hire and the Hire Contract written in the language chosen by the Customer and in compliance with the Italian laws in force.  Under no circumstances can an online booking of a Laika trademark vehicle  constitute a Hire Contract in as much as the same shall be drawn-up and signed when the Customer collects the motorhome at the time and place indicated.  At that time, the Customer accepts the Terms and conditions of Hire included in the contract. The valid/current rental rates  at time of booking shall be in any case guaranteed.






While booking online, the Customer recognizes and accepts to have read and understood the Booking Conditions as well as the pertinent obligations hereforth listed, together with the General Conditions of Hire and  Hire Contract.







When booking online, the Customer accepts an irrevocable hiring proposal, furthermore, he will pay Laika Caravans S.p.a. by VISA-MASTERCARD an amount equal to 30% of the total hiring cost.  The booking shall bind the Customer as of the date of hire confirmation sent by email to the address  he provided.

A reservation/booking voucher will be attached to the email specifying all details of the service booked.  The booking will regard a motorhome from the chosen range/category and not a special model, even if in the chosen range a special model is presented with descriptive purposes.   All information regarding the vehicle booked, (i.e.number of bed spaces & seats) will be visible at the time of the availability request and confirmed in the booking voucher.

The cost of hire includes only what explicitly indicated in the voucher, that is the hire cost for the period booked and the chosen accessories.

The customer shall print the email containing the  booking voucher and  attached file to be presented to the Lessor when collecting the motorhome and signing the Contract.


Within 30 (thirty) days prior to the collecting appointment, the Customer shall pay Laika Caravans S.p.a. the balance due (70%) by bank transfer following the indications found in the Booking Voucher.  If the balance due (70%) is not paid within the 30 days, the booking shall be considered not concluded and not binding to Laika Caravans S.p.a. who will treat the 30% deposit as a penalty payment.

In case the online booking should be made less than 30 days prior to the collecting appointment, the Customer must pay the total hire cost by VISA-MASTERCARD.


When collecting the vehicle and undersigning the Hire Contract, the Customer must present the confirmation email and attached file/voucher, the valid VISA-MASTERCARD requested of which he is the holder and with an expiry date not within 6 months following the Contract.  The credit card will assure the Lessor of the coverage for any expenses such as damages, insurance allowance, traffic fines and any other economical burdens chargable to the Customer.  With this aim,  the Customer pledges to authorise the Lessor, without possibility of countermand, to debit the amounts due to the VISA-MASTERCARD credit card.






The customer may cancel the booking by entering the reserved area of the Website and following the cancellation proceedures.  In case of a cancellation, The customer must pay Laika Caravans S.p.a  the expenses listed below:


  1. Up to 30 days prior to the first day of hire, 30% of the entire cost
  2. Between 29 and 15 days prior to the first day of hire, 50% of the hire cost.
  3. Less than 15 days prior to the first day of hire, 80% of the total cost.
  4. Collection day or no-show 100% of the total cost.





Up to 30 days prior to the first day of hire the Customer may cancel the booking losing the deposit. In this case, the Customer can avoid loosing the deposit and obtain a discount for the same amount if he makes another booking within 7 days with a cost equal or over the booking cancelled.  In order to benefit of the discount, The Customer must contact Clients' Assistance service at laikarent@laika.it specifying the details of the cancelled booking and those of the new one. Up to 30 days prior to the first day of hire the Customer may add additional services and tour packages to the existing reservation. The cost of subsequently added services become due immediately on booking and must be paid by credit card (Visa / Mastercard).






Laika Caravans S.p.a. can withdrawl from the Booking Contract by communicating the intention via email to the Customer. Laika Caravans S.p.a. shall refund the amount paid as deposit according to Art. VIII of the present Terms and Conditions.





If on the date and time indicated in the booking voucher the Customer fails to present himself to sign the contract and collect the motorhome, the penalty fee shall be 100% of the hire cost.





When booking online the Customer and every other driver must be at least 21 years of age and be the holder of a valid driving licence (class B) or an equivalent international/foreign permit issued at least 3 years prior to the motorhome hire.  The licences must be shown to the Lessor when undersigning the hire contract.  If at that time the driving licences are not shown, the vehicle will be considered not collected and art. XI – NO-SHOW -  will apply.





The Customer accepts that the hired motorhome may travel only in EU countries.  If he intends to travel to non EU countries, he must previously contact the Customer Assistance service at laikarent@laika.it in order to obtain  the required written authorisation. In case of travel to non EU countries, the insurance coverage and the agreements of limits and exclusion will no longer be effective.  As of now, the Customer pledges to relieve the Lessor and Laika Caravans S.p.a. of any request, damage or fine which could arise from the nonobservence of the commitment.

Travel in war or risk of war areas is forbidden.









The official website of Laika Caravans Spa www.laikarent.it for the rental of recreational vehicles, includes: the terms and conditions of the online booking of rental vehicles (caravans) and the sale of tour packages, the terms and conditions of hire, the tariffs of LaikaRent and the Privacy Policy. The documents are available in the user selected language and are subject to the laws and norms of the Italian legal system and government.
Laika Caravans Spa reserves the right to make changes to the content at anytime.

When booking a tourist package, the Customer must accept the general conditions of tour package sales and accept also that Laika Caravans S.p.a. is bound only as mediator for all tourist packages offered in the Website as defined by art 33 of the D.Lgs 79/2011 (Consumer Code).

All tourist packages offered in the Website are subject to availability.

Each booking request made through the Website is considered binding therefor, if the tourist package booked is available, the Customer must purchase the package. 





When the Customer books one or more tourist packages, Laika Caravans S.p.a. performs as mediator between him and the tour operator.  When the Customer makes a booking through www.laikarent.it and the tour package is available, the contract will be conclusive between the customer and the Tour Operator Baina S.r.l. Laika Caravans S.p.a. will not be liable in case of total or partial non-compliance by the Operator Baina S.r.l. and does not guarantee the quality or adequacy of services and tourist packages described in the Website. Laika Caravans S.p.a. is, in its position as mediator, not part of the contract and shall be liable for the obligations arising from its role as a mediator in accordance with current legislation and in any case only proves that Laika Caravans Spa was grossly negligent in the selection of the provider of tour packages. The allowance for claims under the acquisition of a tour package, which are due to non-compliance of the agent's tasks regulated by the legislation of tourism (Law Associate Legal Regulation 79/2011), and the International Convention on Travel agreements dated 23.07.1970 and corresponding Italian law 1084/77. The liability of the organizers and tour operators when buying a tour package is in addition to the provisions of the applicable case law, in the terms and conditions for the sale of tour packages regulated, which are accepted by the client with the reservation.



The mediator makes reasonable efforts to ensure that the information regarding the tour packages that are provided on the website is correct and up to date. The information on the website regarding the tour packages are provided by the company Baiana S.r.l., the mediator is not responsible to its accuracy.





The Operator's terms and conditions apply in addition to these Terms and Conditions for Online Bookings. The conditions offered by the Tour Operator may include dispositions regarding payment, non-compliance, cancellation, booking expenses or refunds (if forseen). When the Customer enters the Website, a link will appear which connects to the applicable conditions of the tourist package supplied by Baina S.r.l. (which must be carefully read and approved when booking). 


The user agrees that Laika Caravans S.p.a. in the sale of tourist packages on the website (under Article 34 of Law represented ordinance 79/2011) as a mediator is (according to article 33, paragraph b) Act represented ordinance 79/2011).


In any case, the Customer must contact tour Operator Baina Srl for any/every detail regarding the terms and conditions which apply to the sale of tourist packages. The possibility to cancel or modify goods or services booked and the pertinent formalities will depend exclusively on the conditions and specific terms of Tour Operator Baiana S.r.l. Therefor, it could be not possible to cancel or modify some tourist packages or the Customer may be requested to respond to specific requisites.




For the reservation of a tour package via the website www.laikarent.it the Customer need to fill in completely a contract form.. The reservation and the contract regarding the tour packages is binding at the moment of the confirmation by e-mail. The customer is required to print the email and its attachments



Upon completion of the online reservation 30% of the total cost will be charged as a guarantee payment by the customer to the intermediary Laika Caravans S.p.a. paid by credit card (Visa / Mastercard). This amount will be deducted from the remaining total cost.
Within 30 (thirty) days prior to the collecting appointment, the Customer shall pay Laika Caravans S.p.a. the balance due (70%) by bank transfer following the indications found in the Booking Voucher.  If the balance due (70%) is not paid within the 30 days, the booking shall be considered not concluded and not binding to Laika Caravans S.p.a. who will treat the 30% deposit as a penalty payment.

In case the online booking should be made less than 30 days prior to the collecting appointment, the Customer must pay the total hire cost by VISA-MASTERCARD.

After received full payment of the total cost to guarantee a booking, the customer receives the following documentation: a) voucher regarding the booked tour, b) contract concluded on the booked tour package with Baiana Srl; c) information and details to the booked tour. The voucher must be printed and  handed out to the performing provider of service during the tour.


The confirmation contains the total price of the tour, which is derived from the prices shown on the website under the section www.laikarent.it TOUR, at the moment of reservation. Conditions and prices are guaranteed from reservation to departure. The price of the tour package includes all services that are specifically included in the reservation confirmation. All prices are in Euro and include the Italian VAT.




If requested, Laika Caravans S.p.a. will be glad to communicate which documents are time to time necessary. On the Website home page, under –before departure--- you will find useful information for your travels.  Nevertheless, it is the Customer's responsibility to have a passport, visas and medical certificates eventually required in each country to be visited or included in the itinerary. Many countries require that the passport be valid at least 6 months prior to arrival in that country. Laika Carvans S.p.a. declines any responsibility in case of expulsion or non-compliance of the above obbligations. Laika Caravans S.p.a. is not responsible toward the Customer for any non-compliance to these General Terms and Conditions in the event that they  should be caused by forces beyond its' control.  Including, without restrictions:  government intervention, war, civil disorders, fires, hijackings, floods, accidents, storms, strikes, terrorist attacks or individual actions whose consequences affect Laika Caravans S.p.a. or Tour Operator Baiana S.r.l.






Laika Caravans S.p.a. declares that all personal information acquired while “surfing” the Website or through services offered, will be handled in respect of D.Lgs 196/2003 (Protection of Personal Data which is specified in the Privacy Law.


Agency for Travel and Tourism authorisation #______ of the Policy for Civil Responisbility Travel Organizers and Mediators #_______  Mondial Assicurazioni.