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The “Website” may be used exclusively for personal, non-commercial purposes.  The contents and information in this “Website” (to simplify but not limited to, costs and availability of travel services and vehicles) just as the layout used to provide the contents and information are intellectual property of Laika Caravans S.p.a. and/or any of its' providers.  By printing a limited number of copies of the Conditions for Hire, travel itineraries (and relative documentation) or of services bought through this “Website” you are agreeing to use the information in absolute respect of the law without violating the intellectual property of Laika Caravans S.p.a. or any third parties.



All contents of the “Website” (including the layout and outline) are the intellectual property (Copyright  2012-- – All rights reserved).  Any use which could compromise the Copyright  is prohibited and unlawful without previous written consent  from Laika Caravans S.p.a., the trade marks Rexoline, Kreos, Ecovip, and Laika are all registered commercial trademarks owned by Laika Caravans S.p.a.  Other products and product names mentioned in the “Website” may be trademarks registered by each company. Images in the “Website” are provided only for their visualization and may not be downloaded or saved in any form.



The “Website” may be visited without providing any personal information.  In some cases it is necessary to provide some personal data in order to access some services (newsletter, free registration, online bookings or online purchases.  In the above cases, only the necessary information will be requested in order to activate the service required.  For this purpose, please read the Privacy Law information (LINK).  For purchases it may be essential to provide your credit card number and expiry date, such data will be handled directly by your bank or credit institution and in no way by Laika Caravans S.p.a. whom receives, from the bank, only the transaction approval.  The “Website” will gather information regarding the IP Address, type of browser and operating system used, the domain name, timetables and website addresses used by you to access the “Website”.  Such information is treated by Laika Caravans S.p.a. in an anonymous manner only for statistical purposes.



Laika Caravans S.p.a. provides “Website” visitors with the necessary tools to verify that the personal information is correct and up-dated.  If you register, you can up-date or change your information at any time by going to “registration log-in”.  To view your personal data username and password must be provided.



 All information,  software, products and services published in the “Website” may contain errors or inaccuracies.  Laika Caravans S.p.a. does not, in any way guarantee or recommend any of the products or services which may be publicized on the “Website”  and is not liable, disclaims any and all responsibility  regarding the accuracy of the information, reliability of a product or any direct or indirect damage/loss caused to you or your hardware by the incorrect use or the malfunction of the “Website”.  Laika Caravans S.p.a. reserves the right, in any given moment, to temporarily or permanently disconnect the “Website” services and to deny access to the “Website” itself.  Laika Caravans S.p.a. disclaims all responsibility  for information, documents or material published in the “Website” by third parties even if such contents are available to you through services provided by Laika Caravans S.p.a.  You declare and agree, within the limits foreseen  by article 1229 of the Italian Civil Law Code, that you will safeguard and protect Laika Caravans S.p.a. as well as its' affiliates or parties controlled by Laika, it's representatives, employees, collaborators and partners from any form of obligation for refund, including legal fees, which could derive from the use of the “Website” and/or the use of services purchased through it and from the violation of the Terms and Conditions stated in the “Website”.  Laika Caravans S.p.a. does not provide implicit or explicit guarantee regarding the operativeness of the “Website”, the information, products, services or any other content within it.  Laika Caravans S.p.a. is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages derived from the use of this “Website”.



The “Website”  offers links to other websites on the WWW owned and operated by third parties and which are not under the control of Laika Caravans S.p.a.  All links are provided only for information purposes and as a convenience to you.  The presence of links to other sites does not imply any endorsement of the linked site and Laika Caravans S.p.a. is not responsible for the material contained in said linked sites.  In reference to links, websites or other resources accessible through the “Website”, you recognize and accept that Laika Caravans S.p.a. is not responsible for their performance or the material publicized and it is free from any liability.  Laika Caravans S.p.a. does not control the contents of  linked websites and assumes no responsibility for the contents publicized in said sites.



 As a condition, you must guarantee Laika Caravans S.p.a. that you will not use the “Website” for illegal or prohibited purposes mentioned in these Terms and Conditions.



The use of the “Website” and its' operation is permitted exclusively for the purpose of assisting you to verify the availability of caravans for hire and travel and holiday services as well as business transactions with supplying firms.  No other purpose is allowed.  You declare and guarantee:


  • that you are of age and have the right to stipulate this contract using the “Website” according to Terms and Conditions;
  • that you are financially responsible for any use of the “Website” as well as the use of your account by third parties including but not limited to family minors;
  • that any use of the “Website”, by minors in your name and/or through your account will be supervised by you;
  • that all information provided by you or your family members in the use of this “Website” is true and correct.


Any speculative booking, false or fraudulent, or any booking made without a request is prohibited.  You declare that the booking system for Caravan hire and for travel services in the website will be used exclusively for the purpose of legitimately booking the hire of a Caravan or legitimate purchases for yourself or others on whose behalf you are legally authorized to act.

You are aware of the fact that access to the “Website” can be refused if you make an improper use of the booking system for Caravan rentals and/or the simultaneous purchase of tourist packages.  The purchase of tourist packages as well as the booking of a Caravan for hire made by you through this “Website” will be ruled by Terms and Conditions separate and apart from the General Terms and Conditions for Access.  You declare to observe all terms and conditions of purchase imposed by any provider with whom you will choose to operate including, for example, payment of amounts due and the respect of all rules and restrictions concerning availability, costs of articles or services.



In any given moment, Laika Caravans S.p.a. has the authority, to bear changes and/or amendments to the “Website” and its' contents including these General Terms and Conditions by publishing a modified contract on this “Website”.  The amendments made to these Terms and Conditions will be anticipated through a special communication through the Laika Rent website.  You must periodically check this webpage to control  possible changes to the contract.  Any use of this “Website” made following any changes available through the Internet  implies the acceptance of said changes.  In case you should not accept the General Terms and Conditions present in this contract, you are invited to abstain from entering the “Website”.



These General Terms and Conditions and the connection between Laika Caravans S.p.a and the users of the “Website” are governed and regulated by the Italian Law.

For any eventual dispute regarding the interpretation, execution and any other matter related to the “Website”, the Florence territorial jurisdiction will apply. 



With this communication according to Art 13 of the Code for the protection of Personal Data (Privacy Law), Laika Caravans S.p.a. informs that all personal information acquired or provided by the Customer with the purpose of booking a motor home hire contract and purchasing tourist packages through  will be, as foreseen by the law which deals with the treatment of personal data following the rules and obligations of confidentiality which must be guaranteed.

The present declaration and guidelines relate only to the website and in no case for external sites that may be achieved by the user through links, but where applicable the respective privacy policies of the operators of such external sites.


When using the website, the following personal data are collected and managed:

Type of data:

Data Web navigation:
Infrastructure and software of the website acquire, during normal operation, some personal data are transmitted implicitly during the use of the Internet communication protocols.
It is for data that is exchanged in the normal data traffic and can not be traced back readily to a particular user, but only by a processing and association with third party data, the user may identify the site (for example, IP address).
This data is managed and used anonymously for statistical purposes to evaluate the use of the website or its correct functioning.
This data is stored by Laika Caravans S.p.a. only for the absolutely essentials time and under the current legislation.

The site uses cookies to allow faster access to the site. A cookie is defined as a file that is used to time-limited archiving of information and only for the duration of each user's session is active and is transferred from the website to the user's terminal for faster identification. The user can at any time disable the use of cookies on its settings in the Internet browser. Deactivation of the cookie settings but can slow down the loading of the site or make some sections of the site inaccessible.

The website for statistical purposes can collect data from the user in an anonymous manner and to evaluate, to improve supply and function of the site constantly.
The site uses Google Analytics, a statistical analysis system from Google. The Google Analytics cookies contain information about the user behavior on the website during navigation. The information obtained from this tool, such as the IP address of the user, are maintained on Google's servers. Use of the information Google can be known and disclosed to third parties where this is provided for by right or where that data is managed on behalf of Google. Google any associated data that is owned by Google with the IP address of the user.

By using the Web site the user agrees to the data management of Google in scope and purpose, as mentioned above, too.

Some specific browser settings allow the navigation on the Website. The user should adjust its settings to so-called "Anonymous Browsing", some of the features of this website may be impaired.

User data:
During registration the user on the website and in the database of Laika Caravans Spa, which is required for some services, the user must fill out a form and the registration is active only with the consent of the privacy policy.
Users are free to disclose personal data. Some services, however, are not possible without the minimum required personal data.
Sending e-mails and any personal data contained therein, which are sent with the consent of the user of this will be used solely for the purpose of the website and services for information and communication.

Security of Information
All information acquired through the website is stored in secure server structures and their access restricted to authorized personnel. The website and server structure is regularly checked for possible security breaches and unauthorized access.
Laika Caravans S.p.a. adheres to current and statutory safeguards to the managed data against unauthorized access, protect against data loss or deletion.


As foreseen in Art 7 of the Code, you may, at any time, exercise the right to:


  • Confirm the existence or not of personal information even if not yet registered and receive such confirmation in an understandable manner;


  • Obtain indications as to:
    • the origin of the personal information
    • the purpose and treatment of the same
    • the identification details of the holder, of those responsible and of the appointed representative
  • the persons or categories of persons to whom the personal information may be communicated or that they may already know due to their status of representative designated in the territory or responsible or in charge.


  • Obtain:
    • the up-date, correction or integration of data;
    • the anonymous deletion or transformation of the information in bulk when violating the law including that of which the conservation is not necessary regarding the purpose for which the data was gathered and then dealt with;
    • the evidence of how operations as under a) and b) were made known and also regarding their contents, of those to whom the information was communicated or diffused, except in case when such fulfillment is impossible or in disproportion in regards to the right to safeguard.


  • Oppose totally or partially:
    • for legitimate reasons related to the personal data that regards you, even if pertinent to the purpose of the gathering of such information;
    • to the treatment of personal data that regards you for the purpose of receiving publicity, direct sales, marketing research or commercial communications.



In order to exercise the rights described in Arts. 7 and 8 of the Code for the protection of Personal Data, requests must be made to the person responsible at Laika Caravans S.p.a. Via L. da Vinci, 120 50028 Tavarnelle val di Pesa (Fi) telephone number 39-055/8058.1  Fax number 39-055/80558500 or email:

This information can be incumbent on any changes due to upgrades of computer science systems and technologies with which the data are managed. Therefore we ask the user to learn when you visit the website periodically for changes to this policy and terms of use.

Tavernelle Val di Pesa (FI) – 1st August 2012